About us

Inland Liferafts & Marine Limited

With over 30 years of experience, Inland Liferafts & Marine Limited has worked hard to grow its reputable name and has risen to the top of the marine industry.

Opening its doors in 1981, Inland Inflatables started as a small recreational store & service shop, but quickly expanded, taking on zodiac recreational inflatable boat sales. Inland excelled in selling recreational zodiacs and quickly decided to take on the commercial side of sales, becoming the exclusive sales and service centre for Zodiac Hurricane for the great lakes region. Coming into the commercial sales market at the right time, Inland Liferafts & Marine realized the vast market for commercial grade Zodiac boats, selling to the Canadian Coast Guard, Police Marine Units and many more commercial companies. Within 5 years of the company opening, both recreational and commercial inflatable boat sales were ever-growing, assisting in the success and reputation of the company.

In 1990 Inland relocated to accommodate the fast growth of the company as it had become the largest Zodiac dealer in North America. Slowly Inland changed its focus from recreational users to commercial sales & service but remains committed to assisting with the safety & service needs of the recreational yachtsmen and leisure inflatable boaters.

Today, Inland Liferafts & Marine Limited has 2 functioning service warehouses with highly skilled technicians, accommodating recreational & commercial life raft servicing, inflatable boat repairs, immersion suit servicing, EPIRB testing as well as a marine safety accessory distributor.

Before going offshore…go Inland!